I went on an adventure today!

Title: Here With Me
Artist: Susie Suh x Robot Koch
Played: 1363 times


Susie Suh x Robot Koch | Here With Me

Title: Ribs
Artist: Lorde
Played: 109 times


Ribs - Lorde

This dream isn't feeling sweet
We're reeling through the midnight streets
And I've never felt more alone
It feels so scary getting old

Title: Never Let Me Go
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Played: 9715 times

"Hold me in your arms,
Love me like your best friends did,
Promise I won’t hurt you kid,
Hold me really tight until the stars look big, 
Never let me go”

Title: Shiver
Artist: ColdPlay
Played: 1839 times


Shiver - Coldplay 

So I look in your direction,
But you pay me no attention, do you?
I know you dont listen to me.
Cause you say you see straight through me, don’t you?

Title: 다르다는 것(Blind)
Artist: 어반자카파(URBAN ZAKAPA)
Played: 1987 times

Please, don’t stray.

헤어진 이유는 모두 다르다 하지만 헤어진 다음은 모두 똑같다 —그저 그런 얘기 (feat. 박소은) by BNR

I will move to Los Angeles.

If it’s the last fucking thing I do.

I will motherfucking live there.

Dream town to hometown.